I wrote my first story when I was ten, on Thanksgiving break from Huntington Elementary. It was called The Case of the Missing Turkey. It’s been out of print for 47 years now, as there was only a single copy, which I gave to my sister – the earliest supporter of my literary efforts. The plot wasn’t much, but the resolution of the mystery was fun – Mom had put the turkey up in the chandelier to thaw and had forgotten about it.

I always knew I wanted to tell stories. Even in those years of adulthood when I was too busy adulting to actually write anything down, I still told myself stories in my head. I kept those stories to myself, luckily, or I would probably still be in a rubber room somewhere, drooling and whispering to myself.

Finally, in 2006, I got my big break – I fell into my very own romance novel. After a twenty seven year separation, I ran into Dawn, the woman I had fallen in love with many years before. That same night I saw her again, I began writing what would eventually be my first book – Feels Like the First Time.

Fast forward a decade, and I am living my dream. I’m a full-time author, living at the ocean, now married to Dawn. We have our two dogs, Hershey and Sadie, our cat Georgie-girl, and our ever-watchful turtle named Kumar. We have a growing passel of grandchildren that are the light of our lives. Life is very good. I spend all day staring out the window, wondering, “I wonder what would happen if…” The books you can find elsewhere on this website are my best attempts at answering those questions.

Thank you for visiting, and for being a reader. You are the reason I write.